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Sturmanskie Heritage Sputnik VD78-6811421
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Sturmanskie Open Space Special Edition NE88-1855992

Sturmanskie Open Space

The whole world was watching towards the Soviet Union on March, 18th 1965. On this day the first space walk in history was performed and a major milestone was reached throughout the intense space race and space exploration. Alexei Archipowitsch Leonow, one of two cosmonauts of the Woschod 2 spaceship, left the air lock for over 12 minutes and became the first human in space. After the assigment was completed successfully Woschod 2 prepared for the flight home to earth. Due to some complications with the automatic landing system commander Pawel Iwanowitsch Beljajew had to steer the space ship manually and missed the intended landing site by 368 kilometers. Although the whole process was extremly risky the vessel landed safely and the whole mission was a great success.
During the whole expedition Leonow was wearing a Sturmanskie Chronograph with additional telemetry and tachymeter scales. The all-new Sturmanskie Special Edition Chronograph is a close reproduction of the watch which was worn by the first human in space.
The picture shows model Open Space Special Edition NE88-1855992.


Vostok Europe Ekranoplan Titanium Chronograph 6S21-546H514

Vostok Europe Ekranoplan

The Caspian Sea Monster Ekranoplan KM (Ground Effect Vehicle) was the largest vehicle of its kind ever designed. Due to the lack of water contact the vehicle was invisible to submarines and ships using sonic waves. And because of its low operating altitude the Ekranoplan could not be identified by radar.
It still holds the record for lifting the heaviest load off the ground (even more than the largest modern cargo plane Antonov An 225 “Mriya” can handle) and had an air of mystery around it for a long time, tested in secrecy on the Caspian Sea in the years 1966 to 1980. This series features precise movements, 20atm water resistance and long lasting lightning of Tritium tubes just to name a few details.
The picture shows model Ekranoplan Titanium Chronograph 6S21-546H514.


Sturmanskie Arctic 2431-6829342

Sturmanskie Arctic

Venture to the 90th parallel North to the middle of the Arctic Ocean where constantly shifting sea ice blankets the surface, and you will find yourself at the North Pole. The extreme conditions here require equipment that can keep up with the demands of the ever changing environment. Sturmanskie watches were instrumental in Russian history and exploration.
In 1957, the Russian government ordered a series of “Arctic” watches to be developed for the first Soviet expedition to the North Pole. These legendary timepieces have been reproduced and handcrafted in the same manner as they once were nearly sixty years ago. Today, “Arctic” watches are worn by polar explorers and members of the Russian Geographical Society.
The picture shows model Arctic 2431-6829342.


Vostok Europe Undine VK64-515B527

Vostok Europe Undine

Legends about Undines – water nymphs, spirits of water – came from Baltic and German-Scandinavian mythology. The word Undinė descents from ancient Lithuanian (Indo-European) word Unduo (water). Undines live in forest lakes and waterfalls, appear as beautiful young women with long hair, singing and dancing in the moonlight and calling out to young men, luring to the water and seducing them…
Undine watches from Vostok Europe – completely new watch line created for active modern ladies, suitable for both everyday usage and extreme sports activities, including diving to the maximum depth of 200m.
The picture shows model Undine VK64-515B527.


Sturmanskie Sputnik VD78-6811421

Sturmanskie Sputnik

It was a series of beeps that came from a 183-pound Soviet spacecraft that whipped around the Earth's orbit every ninety-eight minutes. Those beeps were proof that Sputnik 1, the first artificial satellite was a successful mission. That day, October 4th 1957, Soviet Union not only made their mark in history, but also launched the Space Race.
Dedicated to the success of Sputnik, this watch has a classic design that fits comfortably on the wrist. Its significant feature is a dial with an image of the globe that revolves around a disk, replacing the second hand. Sputnik was a sensation as it was the first man-made artificial earth satellite visible for everybody.
The picture shows model Sputnik VD78-6811421.


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