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Sturmanskie 6MX Marine Chronometer II

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6MX Marine Chronometer II
2-3 months 2-3 months (abroad may vary)
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6MX Marine Chronometer II  ::::: ONLY on advance order
You can download the description in Russian and English here: 6MX-Instruction

- Marine chronometer 6MX is a precision measuring instrument. It intends for keeping and indication of exact time in hours, minutes and seconds on sea vessels. The marine chronometer is regulated by solar average or by starlit time. 
- The construction of marine chronometer is based on the classical scheme which is used in all watch pieces but at the same time in order to achieve high accuracy its construction is complicated by a number of technical peculiarities.
- Spring motor is operating in pair with fuse mechanism which serves as leveler and keeper of spring rotation moment permanency. Kinematical link of barrel with spring and fusee is being conducted by Gall chain.
- When rotation moment is maximum Gall chain is situated on the minimum diameter of fusee spiral and when rotation moment is minimum Gall chain is situated on the maximum diameter of fuse spiral. Special ratchet gear creates motion reserve which makes it unnecessary to stop the chronometer while winding. Winding counter displays chronometer work duration from the
winding to the stop what makes it possible to rewind the watch in due time.
- Chronometer motion which is used in chronometers guarantees more accuracy than pallet trigger regulator but is very sensitive for shock and can work only in one movement position, namely in horizontal dial position.To exclude influence of vessel heel on chronometer accuracy the watch is placed into container on spring hanger which guarantees dial horizontal position.
- There also used in chronometer cutting bimetallic balance which is equilibrating temperature influence on motion and screw cylindrical hair which makes it easier to balance the system as compared with spiral hair.  On of the balance staff jewel – diamond which also ensures high movement accuracy and long life of balance-motor unit.
Production started in 1949. Developer and constructor – The First Moscow Watch Factory by Kirov. Constructors and designers: Shapiro Leonid Salamonovich, Zarinj Bruno Karlovich. The first customer was military unit 15097.  At present time the main customer of marine chronometers 6MX is Chief administration of navigation and oceanography of Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation. Annual order is 100 units.  All surface ships and submarines should be provided with 1 marine chronometer 6 MX and 2 deck watches CHP.
Marine chronometer should be situated in the captain’s bridge. By its’ readings it is determined vessel time and bells (the daily routine, reveille, dinner-time, bedtime) and so on. It goes without saying that marine chronometers were integral devices in all significant naval events: round-the world navigation, long voyages, submarines rising to the surface on the North and on South Poles. On 17th August of 1977 at 4 a.m. chief vessel time keeper – marine chronometer manufactured at the 1st Moscow Watch Factory – has crowned the first above-water cruise of nuclear-powered vessel “Arctic” towards the North Pole.
Captain Yu.Kuchiev wrote in his telegram addressed to the engineers and workers of the watch factory wrote: “We have a pleasure to inform that 3 marine chronometers and 12 deck watches manufactured at your Factory worked and continue functioning perfectly”.  Participation in the international affairs: Caribbean crisis; Vietnam War; Persian Gulf events and many others not to mention all navy exercises. No doubt that marine chronometer is apparatus No.1 on every vessel. Life of the crew depends on its reliability.
VOLMAX company has widened the model line of marine chronometers 6MX: not only for navy fleet but also for presentation (table clock, floor clock and wall clock) with dedicatory inscriptions.
 At present time these unique time pieces are of great demand not only as watch but also as original precious gift which can decorate any interior. VOLMAX company hopes that marine chronometers will turn to be real unique time piece for all experts of watch craftsmanship and reliable device for all types of vessels and ships.

  • Clockwork size, mm. 85
  • Clockwork height, mm. 39.8
  • Number of jewels, pc:
(a) w/o contact device. 15
(b) with contact device. 20
  • Balance swing period, s. 0.5
  • Full winding performance, h. 56
  • Mean daily rate (wmean), s. ±3.5
  • Maximum variation of daily rate (D), s. ±2.3
  • Temperature coefficient (C), s/deg. ±0.1
  • Maximum permissible current flowing through the chronometer contacts at a voltage of 1.5 to 6 V DC, mA..5
  • Mass of set, kg, max. 9
  • Overall dimensions, mm:
(a) chronometer in inner box 190x190x190
(b) chronometer in outer box 320x260x234

Manufacturer: Volmax
Brand: Sturmanskie