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Sturmanskie CHP Deckuhr

Sturmanskie CHP Deck Watch
ca. 2-3 Monate ca. 2-3 Monate (Ausland abweichend)
2.299,00 EUR
inkl. 19% MwSt. zzgl. Versand

6MX Marine Chronometer I  :::: NUR auf Vorbestellung
You can download the description in Russian and English here: 6MX-CHP-Instruction
  • Die Beschreibung in unserem Shop ist derzeit nur in Englisch verfügbar:
Deck watch – is the precision watch of pocket watch type with free escape wheel motion. They are designed and constructed for use on the vessel deck.
This type of watch has three hands: hour, minute and central second hand of continuous action,
bimetallic balance with frequency 0,4 sec. and steel hair with end curve.
Deck watches are placed in the special wooden container with collapsible upper cover.
Daily rate:
- in different watch positions (at constant temperature + 20°C) and, sec.  +(-) 10
- at different temperatures (in horizontal position – dial to the top
Maximum difference between two consecutive daily rates at all temperatures, sec.  +(-) 6
Maximum difference of average daily rates between two positions:
- horizontal position (dial to the top) and
- vertical position (crown up to top)
- at the constant temperature, sec. +20C +(-) 12
Power reserve of one full winding, h. not less than 40
  • Jewels number: 22
  • Balance: bimetallic
  • Watch dimensions in container:
  • Diameter, mm. 63,8
  • Height, mm. 19,2
  • Weight, kg. not more than 0,65
Hersteller: Volmax
Marke: Sturmanskie