Aviator Swiss Propeller

It was Wright Brothers, who pioneered the twisted aerofoil shape of modern aircraft propellers. Though today the
majority of contemporary planes are engineered with turbofans, the propeller is still popular and is widely used by
sports aircrafts. The Propeller model pays homage to the development of the propeller, the invention that turned a
page in aviation history. To commemorate this invention, the Aviator Propeller watch is powered by the propellershaped
rotor on reliable SELLITA automatic movement. Combining streamlined casing with instrumental appearance
of the dial and convex sapphire crystal, the timepiece mixes the instrumental and elegant look.
- Tonneau case shape
- Convex sapphire crystal
- Instrumental minute chapters
- Sloping numerals
- Altimeter-style date window
- Screwed-in calendar plate
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