Russian Roulette

Russian Roulette
The Slava Russian Roulette (in Russ.: "Рулетка") is an absolutely unique and outstanding watch. At first sight, it might seem loud and scandalous but when taking a closer look the watch is a masterpiece of watchmaking with a fascinating story and a patented construction.
The development process took more than 3 years and resulted in dozens of challenges on the way to market maturity.
The back of the watch is a specially designed rotating disc that evokes a drum of a revolver. A "bullet" is included on the disc which is a key feature of the Russian roulette myth. One of the crucial questions of the manufacturer was: How can we design a rotating disc that will always stop with the bullet exactly in one of the six chambers? After many experiments 16 small but powerful neodym magnets were built-in.
Slava decided to use the SII NH05 automatic caliber to represent something strictly mechanical like a revolver drum. Watch critics will present the argument that the NH05 is a very tiny and inconspicuous movement and they are absolutely right. This movement is one of the few fully automatic movements on the market at this size. It’s very precise, reliable and strong. To cope with the imbalance of a mechanical movement and a strong magnetic field Slava designed a metal joint for the back cover which includes a Permalloy layer to shield the movement from magnetism.
Now the final problem resulted in the inconvenience of taking the watch off the wrist to see the result of the drum spin. To counter this, the case was re-designed from scratch and a shutter was added. By pressing the pusher at 12h the mechanical membrane, consisting of about 40 individual parts, will reveal the "muzzle of the revolver", thus, showing the carrier his/her luck or fate.
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