Information on the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act

Redemption of old and used batteries

Information requirements according to § 18 para. 2 Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act

As a retailer and manufacturer (according to § 3 para. 11 Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act) of battery powered wrist watches we are obliged to inform you about legal regulations.

Consumers are legally obliged zu return used (rechargeable) batteries. You may return old batteries at the nearest public collection point or at any point of sale free of charge. You may of course return the batteries free of charge to us. Please make sure to send in the batteries with sufficient postage. Shipments which are not paid for will not be accepted. Please send the batteries to our address:

P. Maier GmbH
Grabenstr. 5
89522 Heidenheim

We are registered as a manufacturer at the EAR foundation ("Stiftung EAR"). Our WEEE-Reg.No. ist: DE27224119

Identification of electrical and electronic equipment

Battery powered wrist watches are classified as small equipment for households. Batteries contain substances such as heavy metals which might be very damaging to the environment. Batteries also contain substances which can be recycled and reused. Thus, batteries must not be disposed through domestic waste. The crossed out bin on every battery is an indication for that:

The symbols below the crossed out bin indicate the following:
Pb: Battery contains Lead
Cd: Battery contains Cadmium
Hg: Battery contains Mercury

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