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We are very happy that our repair and after-sale service is described by our customers as a customer-friendly, reliable and fast and is meanwhile known worldwide. In this section you will find information about our brands, repair services and details concernign your order.

Do you want to inquire a repair or maintenance service right away? Please visit our Repairs & Service site.

General information about us and our watch range

Does your AVIATOR watch have the name affix F-Series or starts with the serial number AVW? If so, please get in touch with the company Scorpio Worldwide in London. We cannot provide any service for these types of watches.
Yes, all of our watches are purchased directly from the manufacturers and are strictly inspected. Moreover, all of our watches are officially imported and duty paid.
Yes, we provide a 2-year warranty on every sold watch by us and our authorized retailers. The warranty covers the movement of a watch and its function.
As we cannot identify whether the owner handles a watch with care or not the warranty does not cover:
  • Watch glasses/crystals
  • Straps/bracelets
  • Watch case
  • Damages that are results of users' negligence (e.g. lose hands because the watch was dropped to the ground)
  • Damages that occured from water leaks
  • Watches that have been opened by an unauthorized watchmaker before
Yes, all watch brands provide documents that confirm the authenticity. Depending on the manufacturer and watch series these could be certificates of authenticity, official watch passports or international warranty booklets.
Yes, our in-house watchmaker tests every watch for technical function such as operating deviations and operating accuracy.
Due to the vast amount of watch movement generations and production periods we cannot offer you individual parts. Though, we have a section with equipment like straps/bracelets and accessoires that match our watches. You can also check out our Repairs & Service site, if you wish to send in your watch for service. Additionally, we offer selected parts & accessories for several Vostok Europe models (such as strap screws or pins) which can be changed with the tools that were included with the watch.
Yes but only if you reside outside the European Union. We are required by law to collect VAT on orders shipped within Germany and other countries within European Union. For all orders dispatched outside the European Union German VAT (at present 19%) will be substracted from the total order amount.
There are two easy ways to browse our shop with tax-free prices before proceeding to the final page of the checkout:
  • New customers without an user account: Proceed to checkout and specify the country of destination in the mailing address. After that all prices will be indicated without VAT. You will notice the new price next to the shopping cart icon and at the final step of the checkout before making the payment.
  • Returning customers: After logging into your account the prices will be displayed tax-free immediately
Yes, please follow this link to download manuals and instructions: Link
Depending on the crown there are a few simple tips:
  • Watches with a screw-down crown: Always ensure the crown is screwed-in completely.
  • Watches with a non screw-down crown: Make sure the crown is pushed down entirely.
  • Never remove the back cover or loosen the screws, if available.
  • Please also follow the directions in the manual or warranty certificate.
Indication on back cover Indication on dial Hand-wasching, rain Showering Bathing, swimming Diving without equipment Diving with equipment
water resistance up to 3 bar - 3 ATM
water resistance up to 5 bar - 5 ATM 50m
water resistance up to 10 bar - 10 ATM 100m
water resistance up to 20 bar - 20 ATM 200m
water resistance up to 30 bar - 30 ATM 300m
water resistance up to 50 bar - 50 ATM 500m
water resistance up to 100 bar - 100 ATM 1000m
No, the watch is perfectly fine. After a quick temperature change it might happen that you will see a mist on the inside of the glass. This does not mean that water leaked into your watch but rather that the air within the watch contains water molecules which condense on the glass surface. Depending on the ambient temperature and the size of the case the fog will disapper within a few minutes.
No. GTLS (gaseous tritium light source) or trigalights are widely used by the watch industry. Little GTLS tubes are the ideal, longlasting and durable illuminants on small parts like dials and hands. Although Tritium is a radioactive element, the internal coating of the tubes absorbs almost 100% of the radiation and make them absolutely harmless to the watch carrier. Just imagine: The radiation which comes from a trigalight is just 1:2000 (0,05%) compared to the amount of radiation we receive from our environment each day. Above that, GTLS are produced at highest quality standards and permanent inspection. Vostok Europe watches are equipped with trigalights made by the Swiss company mb-microtec - a leader in its field.
The helium valve is a critical part to a diving watch. People who dive or work in deep waters have to go through a pressure compensation (decompression) in a special chamber upon surfacing. During this process the human body loses helium and, thus, adapts to the pressure above water. Watches that are designed to be fully operational in depths of up to 300m also need a way to decompress. As the process takes much longer than within a human body the case needs a helium valve to release the helium surplus. Without the valve the glass would burst from the case - destroying the movement or even hurting the carrier in worst case.
Lunokhod and Energia are famous series by Vostok Europe designed for divers and include a helium valve.
K1 crystal is a synthetic, elaborately manufactures mineral crystal with stunning characteristics. Looking at the Mohs scale of mineral hardness (which consists of 10 grades) diamonds are the hardest minerals (grade 10). Regular mineral crystals are located on grades 4-5, depending on the mineral used. K1 is located at stage 7, which is not simply harder than mineral crystal, but also has a higher break-proofing, is more durable and more scratch-resistant. Sapphire crystals are located at stage 9 on the scale and are considered the best watch glasses by many watch enthusiasts. It needs to be pointed out, that sapphire crystal has some disadvantages, though.
If a watch falls on a solid surface (e.g. concrete) and the sapphire crystal breaks you will find countless small pieces and fragments. These grains are likely to not only damage the dial and hands of the watch but also enter the movement of the watch destroying it completely. K1 would also break in such a situation, but it won't burst into so many so little pieces which can destroy the movement. Usually quite the opposite happens, if the crystal is mounted correctly: it stays in shape and can still have the ability to somewhat protect the inside of the watch against dust etc. until repair.
Additionally, K1 has a lower light refraction than sapphire crystal. The lower the refraction, the lower the light reflections which are especially unwanted in the water while diving.
The benefits of using K1 in watches made for extreme situations and outdoor activities are obvious, especially when thinking of Vostok Europe watches that all include K1. Customers profit from durable and reliable watches and a cheaper price as sapphire crystals are very expensive.
This course in manufacturing watches has proven itself even in tests and real hands-on experiences.

The independent watch blog Chrononautix tested various watch crystals in May 2022. A hands-on break and scratch test of sapphire, K1, mineral and plastic crystals was conducted. The results from these testes are fairly exceptional - especially for K.

Additionally, the Lithuanian rally driver Benediktas Vanagas has been wearing Vostok Europe watches during his participation at the Rally Dakar since 2013. During these extreme conditions neither the build of the watch nor the K1 crystals have ever failed, all watches operated flawlessly:

Benediktas Vanagas
Yes we do. Please get in contact with us to check, if wholesale purchase in your country is possible through our company. In countries which have own distribution of certain watch brands we do not offer wholesale of corresponding watch brands.

My order

Yes, we will shorten the bracelet to your desired lenght for free. Please use the comment field in the checkout to inform us about your wrist scope.
No, but all watches are shipped in nice original boxes that can be used as gifts.
Yes, all orders within Germany can be send to a DHL Packstation.
Please follow these instruction in order to enjoy your watch for a long time:
  • Protect the watch from impacts and shocks of any kind.
  • Do not expose the watch to extreme temperatures as this would affect the functionality of the single parts.
  • Take a close look at the care instructions issued by the manufacturer.
  • Mechanical watches should be carried on a regular basis. Long lay times may cause the clockwork to run unsteady.

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