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Dear customers and visitors of our website,
We are very happy that our repair and after-sale service is described by our customers as a customer-friendly, reliable and fast and meanwhile it is known worldwide.
We will continue to perform all warranty repairs at our best. Repairs of watches with expired warranty purchased from us or from our dealers will be further accepted by us.
Unfortunately we cannot accept any watches and repairs that were neither sold by us nor our retailers! 
In a repair / servicing case we would kindly ask you to get in contact with us before sending a watch to our address!
For sending the watch, we urge you fill out our service form, so that your service / repair request can be processed faster. You can fill out the form conveniently on the computer before printing it out. 

Our contact details: Imprint.

Please also take a closer look at "Repair times and prices" and "Repair service for watches".


According to the German law we provide 2-year warranty on each sold watch from us and our retailers. Manufacturer's warranty covers the movement of a watch.
The warranty does not cover
  • Straps
  • Watch cases
  • Crystals (glass)
  • Defects that are results of users' negligence (ie: broken crystal on a watch that was dropped on the ground)
In order to be able to process a warranty case as smoothly as possible we need either the signed warranty booklet or a copy of the invoice. In a warranty case the customer bears the shipping costs to us, shipping costs back to the customer are paid by us.
Please note that a warranty case can only be granted after a review from our professional watchmaker. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible if a warranty is not applicable.

For more information, please read the warranty booklet that comes with your watch and please get in contact with us before sending any watch to our address!

Bracelet shortening service

We offer our customers free service for shortening steel barcelets when ordering a watch in our shop. Please measure the circumference of you wrist and make a short comment in the comment-box when at checkout. We will shorten the bracelet for you.

Repair times and prices

Due to many different watch series, movements and years of production we cannot name the definite price for a repair.
After we receive your watch we will provide you a non-binding estimate.
Please always get in touch with us before sending any watch to our address for estimates or repairs!

Repairs are usually done within a period of 2 weeks. In some cases this might take longer, especially during holidays, Christmas or exhibitions.
In a warranty case the customer bears the shipping costs to us, shipping costs back to the customer are paid by us.
The customer will only be charged returning shipping costs, if the repair is not covered by warranty.

Repair service for watches

Please note: We only accept watches that you bought from us or one of our retailers (see "Our retailers").

Do you have an "Aviator" watch with a serial number beginning with "AVW"? Please get in touch with as far as we do not sell these types of watches or provide service for them.

As an official German distributor for different watch brands we provide fair and reliable service for all of our represented brands. Most of the service parts, and even watch movements, are in stock and make repairs quick and easy. 
Due to a huge amount of movements, specifications and different years of production, we cannot ship or sell the single parts. Therefore a remote diagnostics of a damage is also not possible.

Please always get in touch with us before sending any watch to our address for repairs! We work hard to answer any request quickly.
After getting in touch with us please fill out our service form and enclose it to the watch. You do not need to send us everything your received with the watch like the original packaging or additional straps. For a fast process we only need
  • The watch itself
  • The filled out service form
  • The warranty booklet OR a copy of the invoice.


VAT (value-added tax)

"P. Maier GmbH" is required by law to collect VAT on orders shipped to Germany and other European Union countries. For all orders dispatched outside the EU German VAT (at present 19%) will be substracted from the total amount in the invoice. 
When ordering from outside the European Union the final price without VAT will be shown at the checkout and after you have entered your shipping address.

Shipping Time

98% of all the items that are listed in our shop and not currently marked as "Sold out" or "Out of stock" are in stock and will be shipped to your address on the day of payment, latest the following working day after they have been checked by our watchmaker. If we are unable to supply a particular item which you have ordered or if the correct price for an item is different from the price on your order, we will notify you extra after receiving your order. If this happens, you may cancel your order and we will refund you any money which you have paid. We ship worldwide.
Please refer to our "Shipping and Payment" site for more information on shipping costs and shipping time. 

Return Policy

If for any reason you are unhappy with the item you have purchased (the watch arrived damaged, not functioning, or not as described i.e.: new in box, 100% authentic, comes with authorised dealer's papers and/or manufacturer's warranty stamped by an authorised dealer) you can return the watch for a replacement or refund within 14 days after the date of receipt.
  • Every watch that we received from the manufacturers is inspected twice (once when it arrives at our warehouse and once before it is shipped) to ensure that the watch is in good condition and is working properly. Every return is inspected in a similar manner. If returns are not in their original conditions, we reserve the right to send the returns back to the customers. Please inform us about the return mentioning the number of the invoice / your customer number OR fill out our convenient withdrawal form.
  • Clearance items and specially ordered items cannot be returned.
  • Watches must be returned with their original boxes, papers, warranty, etc, and must be securely packaged.
  • Used or damaged items can not be replaced or refunded.
  • Replacements are subject to stock availability.
  • Refund amount is excluding shipping and insurance costs.

Item prices

As an official German distributor we are obliged to offer our items at fixed prices. These prices turn on the European sales guidelines from each manufacturer. This fact also provides fair trade chances for all of our authorized retailers in Germany.

All of the offered watches in our Shop and from our retailers (local but also online) are officially imported, tax paid and cleared. When a customer from within the EU buys any of our and our retailers watches, he/she does not have to be afraid of additional duties or taxes that apply when e.g. ordering from outside the EU. Besides that the customers are always on the safe side of receiving original and genuine watches including a great service.

Speaking of taxation and customs on watches: These fees may easily be 20% or more of the sales price and do not include value added tax! All our and our retailers sold watches have original documents, warranty booklets etc. and ensure for our customers to only purchase original watches and not some fakes or black market items. This is especially important when it comes to Russian watches. To this date there are still noteworthy amounts of stolen and illegally sold watch parts on the market that are somehow put together to a watch by amateurs.

On top of that some manufacturers did not yet understand the Wester-European idea of trade and - sell watches much cheaper on their home market compared to other international markets.

What we are trying to say is: a low price might not represent the value you're buying when buying watches from a source that seems fishy.

Privacy policy

We highly respect your privacy. We will only use the information that we receive from you according to the law. We collect information about you for 2 reasons:
  • firstly, to process your order and
  • secondly, to provide you with the best possible service.
We only request information given at the time of ordering or registering to be able to provide you with a better service, no other method of information collection is undertaken. We can assure you that it is of "P. Maier GmbH" use only. Any concerns you may have regarding our privacy policy please contact us

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Are the Russian watches you are offering authentic and new? 

Yes, they are. All our watches are obtained directly from the manufacturers. As proof of their authenticy we can send you upon your wish the address and other contact data of the manufacturer to double check. We sell only watches with undoubtful source of origin. All the watches are 100% authentic, new in box, unworn and come with all papers and manufacturer's international warranty stamped by an authorized dealer.

Do you sell used watches?

No, we do not sell used watches or manufacturer rejects. In special cases we could offer a single exhibition piece at a lower price, however such watches have not been worn or used and thus cannot be described as "used" ones.

Do you offer wholesale? 

Yes, we do, but please get in contact with us to check if wholesale purchase in your country is possible through our company. In countries which have own distribution of certain watch brands we do not offer wholesale of corresponding watch brands.

Are watches delivered with watch boxes?

All watches are delivered with authentic watch boxes shipped to us directly from the watch factories. All the boxes have the corresponding Logo of the watch brand on top and are ORIGINAL boxes.

Can you wrap my order as a gift? 

No, but all watches are shipped in nice original boxes, that can be used as gifts.

Why do you have different shipping prices?

We only charge the necessary shipping fees and do not make profit with it. In order to provide fair prices we set up different shipping methods you may chose from. 
The calculated shipping considers
  • Suitable transportation packaging and protection
  • Mailing fees
  • Additioanlly with DHL: Insurance costs.
Besides that, we don't charge any shipping fees on orders of 250€ and more - no matter how many items you purchase or how heavy the packet it going to be.

Watch encyclopedia

Acrylic crystal (or silicate glass)

Sometimes referred to as Hesolite or Hesalite, an acrylic crystal is basically plastic. Polymethylacrylate is often processed in order to get acrylic crystal. Benefits of an acrylic crystal are that it flexes rather than shatters on impact, it doesn't produce too much glare under bright light and it can be polished easily with PolyWatch.


See water resistance

Automatic movement

The spring of an automatic movement is wound up by a rotor - which is accelerated by the movement of the wrist/hand. Regular wearing (moving) prevents the watch from stopping. Each automatic movement has a backup function that prevents "too much winding up" of the spring and, thus bursting. Therefore, no damage is done to the movement by wearing an automatic watch every day.
Important note about Vostok 2416 movement
The second hand is moved by a second pinion which is built into all Vostok (see Vostok) automatic movements. The gathering of the second minion is designed to be loose, thus making the second hand jump sometimes a little bit. That is a normal behavior (in this movement) and is not considered a defect or failure of the movement!

Aviator and Aviator Swiss

The Russian watch brand "Aviator" is a famous "Volmax" (see Volmax) brand with a strong connection to aviation. "Aviator" was developed and designed in Moscow from 2003 to 2011. In 2011 the brand and production line was moved to Switzerland and renamed into "Aviator Swiss". The company "Buran SA" (see Buran (SA)) manufactures it since then. The Russian "Aviator"-series can still be purchased but consider that these models are the last ones to be found and will not be manufactured anymore.

Buran (SA)

The Russian watch brand "Buran" (Russian for "snow storm") is a famous "Volmax" (see Volmax) brand in Moscow and represents the classic and sophisticated Volmax' brand - the same way Poljot (see Poljot) conveyed class. Since 2011 the brand is produced by the company "Buran SA" with the name "Buran SA" in Switzerland. The Russian "Buran"-series can still be purchased but consider that these models are the last ones to be found and will not be manufactured anymore.


A complication is described as any additional function the wristwatch performs beyond basic time telling (i.e. hour, minute and second). A common example of wristwatch complications are calendar models which display the day/date. Additional complications include chronograph models, whereas the watch performs like a basic "stop watch" (as described above). Other complications worth mentioning are: second time zone, moon phase, day/night indicator, alarms, etc.


A chronograph on the other hand is a timepiece that, in addition to the normal time telling functions, also performs a seperate time measuring function such as a stop watch - with a separate seconds hand which can be started, stopped and reset to zero, via push-buttons on the side of the case. Please do not confuse 'chronographs' with 'complications' (see complication). While all chronographs can be considered complications, not all complications are in fact chronographs.


Chronometer is the term used to describe a highly-precise timepiece which, after rigorous testing, has received an official timing certificate from the official Swiss timing bureau Controle Officiel Suisse des Chronometres (COSC). Thus, it is a rating or accolade given for the watch's accuracy.


Due to the machanical movement a mechanical watch has a deviation. Depending on the movement the deviation might be between -10 to +30 seconds a day. These values can be checked in every watch manual or warranty booklet. The officially stated deviations are considered maximal values and usually only occur in individual cases. 
Please note: Every mechanical watch has a warm-up time of approximately 4 weeks. A rule of thumb suggests: the more expensive the (mechanical) watch = the less deviation = the more accurate the movement.


Gaseous tritium light source - is a special form of indication of numbers on the dial. See Tritium.

Manual winding watches

A manual wound watch is similar to an automatic watch in the sense that it does not require a battery, however, it is not self winding. The wearer must wind the watch manually. The reserve (see power reserve) in a mechanical watch last a little over a day. It is a good idea to get into the habit of winding the watch every day to maintain the accuracy of the time and we suggest to wind the watch around the same time everyday. A traditional mechanical watch has about 130 parts. Mechanical watches were introduced in the 14th century.

Mineral crystal

Watch crystal made from what is essentially a form of glass. More scratch resistant than acrylic, a mineral crystal will however scratch and is difficult to polish.


Molnija used to be a well-known producer of aircraft board clocks. After WWII Molnija (Russian for "lightning") started producing pocket watches. Production stopped in 2006, and therefore Molnija watches are very valuable to collectors.
Rumors say that Molnija may have/receive a revival - we are excited to find out!


Poljot was found under the name of "First Moscow Watch Factory" in 1930 but renamed 1960 into "Poljot" (Russian for "flight"). The main reason for the renaiming was the first person in space: the Russian Juri Gagarin. When Gagarin went to space in 1961 he had a "Sturmanskie" (see Sturmanskie) watch on his wrist - manufactured by "Fist Moscow Watch Factory". Poljot was a well-known watch company but still went bankrupt in 2004. After the bankruptcy several other companies acquired most the rights and technolgy of Poljot. One of the familiar companies is "Volmax" (see Volmax). Volmax also acquired the Poljot main brands "Aviator" (see Aviator), "Buran" (see Buran (SA)) and "Sturmanskie" (see Sturmanskie) and created independent brands, which at first had Poljot movements built in. Much to regret of their lovers Poljot stopped opperating fully at the end of 2011. If you still find original Poljot movements nowadays for sale you will notice that some of them are priced at the same amount like a Poljot chronograph used to.

Power reserve

The power reserve is an indication for the time period a watch runs when fully wound up.

Quartz watches

Quartz watches are watches that are powered by a battery and do not require manual winding. Quartz watches got its name from the quartz crystal in the watch. How quartz watches work in a nut shell: a small battery in the watch causes the quartz crystal to vibrate; a small computer chip then translates these vibrations into pulses that drive a stepping motor that causes the gears that move the watch's hands to turn. Quartz watches were introduced in the late 1960s.


REC is a young and very successful watch brand from Denmark. The 2 founders Christian Mygh and Jonathan Kamstrup described REC's concept in 3 easy words
  • Recover
  • Recycle
  • Reclaim
Old metal parts are recovered and recycled in order to create unique watch dials. All of the dials are high-quality processed but still have some scratches and marks. These "flaws" are kept on purpose in order to express the original recycled object. 
On top of that fans of the brand can
decide about next watch series and also vote which "object" should be recovered, recycled and reclaimed for the particular new watch.
Find out more about REC at our information page or check out the current series in our shop!

Sapphire crystal

Synthetic sapphire formed for use as the crystal of a watch. Extremely scratch resistant (9 on the Moh scale), a sapphire crystal is the material of choice for many watch collectors. The downsides are that sapphires can chip at the edges, if they protrude and can shatter.


The Russian watch brand "Sturmanskie" is a famous "Volmax" (see Volmax) brand with a strong connection to space and sea travel. Sturmanskie provides a wide range of watches priced between 170 - 2000€. Although there are watches with a Swiss ETA movement, the brand is a dedicated Russian watch brand "Made in Russia". Since becoming part of Volmax development, design and production is still maintained in Moscow like it used to be when Sturmanskie was a part of "Poljot" (see Poljot).


See Tritium


Tritium is prominent illuminant used by the watch industry. This type of gas is put into small tubes which are placed on the dial or the hands. Tritium-gas provides a strong glow / light reflection for a longer time period than e.g. (Super)Luminova. Although tritium itself is radioactive the small tubes holding the gas are designed in away to absorb radiation in order to be harmless to its surroundings. The emission of radiation of a watch including tritium tubes is only 1/2000 of the radiation within the environment. In other words: standing outside on the street your body is 2000 times more under the influence of radiation than by wearing a watch with Tritium tubes.
Several Vostok Europe (see Vostok Europe) models have this type of illuminant:


After Poljot (see Poljot) went out of business in 2004 Volmax acquired most the rights and technolgy of Poljot. Today many previous Poljot watchmakers and engineers work at Volmax in Moscow.
The company has three brands that came from Poljot
  • „Sturmanskie“ (see Sturmanskie)
  • „Aviator“ (see Aviator)
  • „Buran“ (see Buran)
Rising production costs and the lack of Poljot movements forced the company to stop developing Aviator and Buran watches. The newly found Swiss company Buran SA develops and produces the new brands "Aviator Swiss" and "Buran SA" in Switzerland since 2010/2011. The Russian Aviator and Buran watches can still be purchased but consider that these models are the last ones to be found and will not be manufactured anymore, as far as the single components are not produced anymore. Therefore Aviator and Buran are very rare and popular amont collectors and Russian watch lovers. Sturmanskie will remain a "Made in Russia" brand and production will continue to take place in Moscow.

Volmax Patriot

This brand was the very first Volmax (see Volmax) introduced to market and had the name "Русский Часовой Завод" what means "Russian Watch Factory" in Russian. After a short time period Volmax focused on Sturmanskie (see Sturmanskie), Aviator (see Aviator) and Buran (see Buran) and ended the production of Volmax Patriot.


Probably one of the most famous Russian watch brands is producing until today watches and movements in the city of Tschistopol. During WWII Vostok was a supplier for military board clocks and military wrist watches for the Sovjet army. After WWII Vostok focused on producing watches for "the masses" but still kept up their prominent military design. These watches prove to be funtional and durable, though affordable. One of the most famous calibers is the Vostok 2416 automatic.
The name Vostok stands for "East" in Russian.

Vostok Europe

Vostok Europe is a brand created by a joint Venture of the Russian watch company "Vostok" (see Vostok) and the Lithuanian company "Koliz" in 2003. The main goal of the newly found company "Koliz Vostok" was to create a modern and unique watch design including the original and reliable Vostok movements, thus combining traditional and modern aspects. Since 2013 the brand underwent a highly positive growth and celebrated it's 10-year-anniversary in 2014 (in 2004 the first Vostok Europe series was introduced at Base World).
When first started, Vostok Europe was a very small and unknown brand depending on only one official distributor outside of Lithuania. In the following years Vostok Europe experience a rapid growth and built up a worldwide network of distributors and brand lovers. Today there is a high demand for Vostok Europe watches all over the world. We are very excited to be part of this development and look forward to what the future holds!

Water resistance

Case marking Explanation
Watch back cover Dial Washing, rain, springkling showering bathing swimming diving (without equipment)
No marking no no no no no no
Water resistant 3 bar / 3 ATM no yes no no no no
Water resistant 5 bar / 5 ATM 50m yes no yes no no
Water resistant 10 bar / 10 ATM 100m yes yes yes yes no
Water resistant 20 bar / 20 ATM 200m yes yes yes yes yes
Water resistance of watches is rated based on a laboratory pressure tests comparable to a swimmer or diver sitting still at that pressure level. But many water-based activities involve a lot of movement and other environmental changes. These exceptions to how the watch was rated may challenge or defeat the water protection features of a water resistant watch.
In particular, the water resistance rating of a watch does not take in to account:
  • Sudden, rapid, and repeated water pressure changes experienced by the wrist of a surface swimmer. The force of plunging your arm into the water while swimming can for a fraction of a second greatly exceed the static pressures the watch was rated for.
  • High water temperatures experienced in a hot tub. Normal diving and water activities are done in temperate to very cold waters--not water exceeding body temperature. Such high temperatures can damage the water protection seals of a watch.
  • Sudden changes of temperature experienced going from a hot tub to a cold swimming pool. In diving and swimming, temperature changes are usually fairly gradual. A sudden transition from the 100º F of a hot tub to the 70º F of a cold pool causes a contraction of the rubber seals in a watch--which may allow water to leak in.
  • The ability of the watch to STAY water resistant as it ages. The seals that prevent water from entering the watch will weaken and fail with age. For use in water, water resistant watches should be pressure checked every year. The seals should be replaced at least every two or three years.

Even taking a shower or bath with your watch on can be bad for it. Besides the hot water issues already mentioned, many people do not realize that bath soap is a fine level abrasive. Soap can build up in the small, precision joints of the watch bracelet links. Over time this can wear down the link joints, ruining the bracelet. This is a greater issue with softer metals, such as gold. But steel can also be worn down this way too.
Source (translated): Vereinigung der Bundesverbände des Deutschen Schmuck- und Silberwarengewerbes.

Watch Manuals

As a service to our customers we provide watch manuals for free download on our server: DOWNLOAD-PAGE