Vostok Europe Anchar
The Anchar (also known as "Papa") used to be a nuclear submarine developed and tested by the Soviet Union in the late 1960's. Up until today no other submarine surpassed K-162 Anchar's travelling speed of 44,7 knots (about 83 km/h) under water. Anchar was a project that laid an important milestone during the cold war and also for future development in maritime operations.

With its inseparable connection to the u-boat the Vostok Europe Anchar line is a loyal companion for divers. The water resistance ranges from 20 - 30 ATM and the watches are equipped with a gaseous tritium light source (GTLS) which illuminates hands and dial perfectly under water and onshore. A wide variety of straps, especially silicone and nylon, complement these watches.

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