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Sturmanskie Gagarin Vintage Retro

Sturmanskie Gagarin Vintage Retro

Juri Gagarin went down in history on April 12th, 1961 as the first human in space. During the space mission Gagarin was wearing a watch made by special order by Sturmanskie. In zero gravity the watch worked flawlessly and precicely - becoming an icon up until today. It is not a surprise that Sturmanskie has been the official watch supplier of the Soviet and todays Russian cosmonauts since 1961.
The well-known and desirable Gagarin Vintage Retro series is extended by 3 new models. In addition to the existing stainless steel and black-PVD plated versions, dark grey YTAS post-processed cases are available now.
The heart of the new "Grey" Gagarin Vintage line with its typical Retro style design is the famous mechanical hand wound movement Poljot 2609. Brand new are also 2 models with 33mm diameter cases which are absolute eye-candy.
The picture shows model Gagarin Vintage Retro 2609-3751470 with a 33mm case.

Vostok Europe Rocket N1 Power Reserve

Vostok Europe Rocket N1 Automatic Power Reserve

The brand new Vostok Europe Rocket N1 Automatic Power Reserve line is finally here! A precise Japanese SII NE57 automatic movement is used as the centerpiece in these watches. A date calendar and a power reserve indication are not the only eye candies: Both modifications received own hands and make a striking 5-hands watch design. The operation of the movement is ensured both by 20 ATM and a shock absorber without abandoning the quick-change function of the date calendar.
Additional features are the exhibition case back and the vegetable tanned leather straps - handmade in Italy! Although this way to process leather takes longer and is more expensive, the strap is created without damaging the environment and without chemical residues that might irritate the skin on contact.
The new line is available with leader straps and stainless steel bracelets and comes in a beautiful Vostok Europe gift box.
The picture shows model Vostok Europe Rocket N1 Automatic Power Reserve NE57-225A563.

Sturmanskie Luna-25 (Moon-25)

Sturmanskie Luna-25 (Moon-25)

Luna-25 ("Moon-25") is the first Russian lunar mission to explore and use the near-moon space using automatic interplanetary stations, carried out by the NPO S. A. Lawotschkin. The name of the project is designed to emphasize the continuity of the Soviet lunar program, the last device that Luna-24 was launched in 1976. The landing of the probe is planned in the area of the south pole of the moon. The polar regions of the Moon are the most promising for research: the lunar pole can be compared to a natural refrigerator, where cold traps of polar regolith hundreds of millions of years have accumulated and preserved layers with all the cosmic volatile substances that ever hit the Earth’s satellite. Scientific instruments of the Moon-25 will study the composition of these substances and evaluate the mass fraction of frozen water. Its presence will free the astronauts from the need to deliver water from the earth, and it can also be used to produce oxygen, and possibly hydrogen fuel.
Sturmanskie watches have always been associated with space (exploration). The revival of the country's lunar program is important for the Russian space program and, therefore, navigators celebrate a new step of the lunar mission with the creation of the Luna-25 collection. Luna-25 is a line whose concept faces the future with a modern sporty style chronograph equipped with a central chronograph and three counters. The dynamic design of the case is modern but highly inspired by the great era of Soviet cosmonautics from the Sixties/Seventies. The color scheme of the collection - mainly in dark colors with luminous elements - symbolizes the depth of the endless outer space, into which today, more than ever, the thoughts of mankind are directed.
The picture shows model Sturmanskie Luna-​25 (Moon-​25) Chronograph 6S20-​4782410.

Vostok Europe Expedition Everest Underground

Vostok Europe Expedition Everest Underground

The brand new Vostok Europe Expedition Everest Underground line is finally here. These watches are dedicated to the exploration of one of the deepest caves in the world known to man, the Krubera-Voronia Cave. While descending into the depth of 2197m the Lithuanian-Ukrainian speleologists achieved a new world record: No person made it deeper into the cave ever before.
During the expedition the team members used Vostok Europe watches with tritium tubes watches to check time. These watches are extremly durable and contain GTLS making them the perfect companion for narrow and dark sections of the descent.
The line includes 4 automatic and 5 multifunction watches. All of them offer a water resistance of up to 20 atm, GTLS tubes and the brand new and exclusive Vostok Europe multitool.
The picture shows model Expedition Everest Underground Automatic YN84-597A543.

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