Sturmanskie Kosmos

The whole world was watching towards the Soviet Union on March, 18th 1965. On this day the first space walk in history was performed and a major milestone was reached throughout the intense space race and space exploration. Alexei Archipowitsch Leonow (Russ. "Алексей Архипович Леонов"), one of two cosmonauts of the Woschod 2 spaceship, left the air lock for over 12 minutes and became the first human in space. After the assigment was completed successfully Woschod 2 prepared for the flight home to earth. Due to some complications with the automatic landing system commander Pawel Iwanowitsch Beljajew (Russ. "Павел Иванович Беляев") had to steer the space ship manually and missed the intended landing site by 368 kilometers. Although the whole process was extremly risky the vessel landed safely and the whole mission was a great success. During the whole expedition, including the space walk, Leonow was wearing a Sturmanskie chronograph. The Kosmos (open space) line is dedicated to the event and to the both cosmonauts from the Woschod 2 spaceship.
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