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Spetsnaz SMERSH Mechanical C9450327-3603

Spetsnaz SMERSH Mechanical C9450327-3603

The Spetsnaz SMERSh is truly an amazing piece of work. During the 1930s the issue of awarding the editorials of production became common. The then awarded watch used to be a K-43 "Kirovsky", a watch with superior accuracy and reliability. During the 2. World War there was a need to reward distinguished man of honor within the Soviet military forces and 1943 became the birth of transformable Soviet wrist-/pocket watches.
The abbreviation "SMERSh" terms a military counter-intelligence department that played a key role in ending the war. Spetsnaz created a remake that was a very valued and desired watch with the same name. The mechanical 3603 caliber is wound manually while it is placed in a high-alloy 316L stainless steel case with combined PVD plating. 10 atm waterproofing and a sapphire coated mineral crystal are just some of the features this watch has to offer. Probably the most impressive feature is the potential to transform the watch from a wrist into a pocket watch in just a few simple steps without any tools. A leather tab and the right strap with spring hooks are included. Naturally, this Spetsnaz watch is made according to the standards of any "special forces" model.
The picture shows model Spetsnaz SMERSH Mechanical C9450327-3603.

Vostok Europe SSN-571 Nuclear Submarine Chrono

Vostok Europe SSN-571 Nuclear Submarine Chrono

It was the year 1954 when the United States of America made another step towards becoming the superpower during the Cold War. The USS Nautilus SSN-571 turned out to be the biggest submarine until then as well as the first watercraft impelled by nuclear power. Within the next 4 years the SSN-571 logged her 60,000th nautical mile but also completed a successful submerged voyage around the North Pole.

To honor these achievements Vostok Europe developed the brand-new Vostok Europe SSN-571 Nuclear Submarine line. Being as it should, the watches are 30 atm waterproof and are equipped with a gaseous tritium light source (GTLS) which illuminates hands and dial perfectly under water and onshore. When designing the line Vostok Europe got inspired strongly by the real submarine. Looking closely at the case you will notice that the shape reflects the hull of the nuclear reactor. All hands are spirited by the the on-board instruments. The whole set of each watch consists of the dry box, a tool to change the straps but also 2 straps (leather and silicon). Especially the newly developed silicon straps are flexible and expandable which allows you to wear the watch comfortable and firmly either directly on the wrist or over a diving suit.
The picture shows model Vostok Europe SSN-571 Nuclear Submarine Chrono Bronze VK61-​571O613.

Sturmanskie Open Space

Sturmanskie Open Space Automatic

The whole world was watching towards the Soviet Union on March, 18th 1965. On this day the first space walk in history was performed and a major milestone was reached throughout the intense Space Race and space exploration. Alexei Archipowitsch Leonow, one of two cosmonauts of the Woschod 2 spaceship, left the air lock for over 12 minutes and became the first human in space. After the assigment was completed successfully Woschod 2 prepared for the flight home to earth. Due to some complications with the automatic landing system commander Pawel Iwanowitsch Beljajew had to steer the space ship manually and missed the intended landing site by 368 kilometers. Although the whole process was extremly risky the vessel landed safely and the whole mission was a great success. During the whole expedition, including the space walk, Leonow was wearing a Sturmanskie watch. The Open Space line is dedicated to the event and to the both cosmonauts from the Woschod 2 spaceship. The new Open Space Automatic line combines classical design with modern elements. Special attention was paid to details, such as the dial and back cover, as well as high quality processing. The reliable and accurate SII NH36 movement provides both, a date calendar and a weekday indication. Each piece comes with one pre-mounted leather strap in a beautiful Sturmanskie gift box.
The picture shows model Sturmanskie Open Space Automatic NH36-​1891771.

Slava Russian Roulette Automatic 1903202/300-NH05

Slava Russian Roulette Automatic 1903202/300-NH05

The Slava Russian Roulette (in Russ.: "Рулетка") is an absolutely unique and outstanding watch. At first sight, it might seem loud and scandalous but when taking a closer look the watch is a masterpiece of watchmaking with a fascinating story and a patented construction.
The whole development process took more than 3 years and resulted in dozens of challenges on the way to market maturity.
The back of the watch is a specially designed rotating disc that evokes a drum of a revolver. A "bullet" is included on the disc which is a key feature of the Russian roulette myth. By using an ingenious magnetic construction the bullet always stops exactly in one of the six chambers after a smooth spin. A tiny but powerful SII NH05 movement is the motor of this timepiece. This movement is one of the few fully automatic movements on the market at this size. Only this way it allows the use of case that is just 47mm in diameter.
Slava's engineers even thought of how the carrier can see the result of the spin without taking the watch off the wrist. By pressing the pusher at 12h the mechanical membrane, consisting of about 40 individual parts, will reveal the "muzzle of the revolver", thus, showing the carrier his/her luck or fate.
The picture shows model Slava Russian Roulette Automatic 1903202/300-NH05.

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