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Vostok Europe Lunokhod 2 Automatic

Vostok Europe Lunokhod 2 Automatic NH35A-620C633

"Moon walker" Lunokhod-2 (russ. Луноход-2) was the last of two unmanned lunar rovers that the Soviet Union sent to the Moon in 1973. During a period of 4 months the rover covered 37 kilometers of terrain sending back 86 panoramic images as well as 80.000 TV pictures. This data together with other analyses was used to research the Moon environment but also improve radio and laser connections along with data transmission.
Vostok Europe's Lunokhod-2 line is just as complex and outstanding as the real moon rover half a decade ago. Precise processing of the single components allows the carrier to rise into new heights but also professionally dive in waters. The built in automatic Helium valve and vertically alligned Tritium tubes make the watch ready for the next extreme goal. Each piece comes with a waterproof dry box and includes two straps. The included tool allows you to change straps within minutes, thus making you extremely flexible for any occasion.
The picture shows model Vostok Europe Lunokhod 2 Automatic NH35A-620C633.

Sturmanskie Gagarin Heritage mechanical

Sturmanskie Gagarin Heritage mechanical

When Yuri Gagarin (Russ. "Юрий Алексеевич Гагарин") became the first man in space on April 12th, 1961 he was wearing a very special watch. This watch was specifically made for the space flight by Sturmanskie. Just like it's carrier the watch became legendary because it worked flawlessly in weightlessness. Since 1961 Sturmanskie watches have been the official watch of the Soviet and Russian cosmonauts. Dedicated to Yuri Gagarin the Heritage line is inspired by the initial design and high-quality processing. Gagarin Heritage watches do not simply look like the original. They have a high standard in manufacturing and must withstand severe tests, still keeping alive the spirit of the 60's. Each Gagarin watch comes with one pre-mounted leather strap in a beautiful Sturmanskie gift box.
The picture shows model Sturmanskie Gagarin Heritage Manual Titan 2609-3747128.

Slava Era Automatic

Slava Era Automatic

Slava Era (Russ.: "ЭРА") is a line that leads back to the middle of the 20th century. When Sputnik 1 was launched as the first artificial satellite successfully into space, the era of space explorations began. This milestone was just a beginning for many other milestones and inventions in the Soviet Union. Almost any new technological masterpieces, from an electric razor to new cinematic techniques, were captured with this term. Zelenograd, not far from Moscow and better known as "Green City", became and is still the Russian equivalent of the American Silicon Valley. Of course many watches and clocks were further developed or invented during this time. A very popular table clock from the 1960s that could be found in many households is the Slava "Crystal".
The strictly limited Slava Era wrist watches are inspired by the previous table clock. A special feature can be seen at first sight: The refined 45° degree cut-edge of the glass which blends into a high bezel. For additional protection and to make it more scratch resistant the mineral crystal is plated with a sapphire coating. The built in Slava 2427 automatic movement is a true veteran among Russian movements. The manufacturer made every effort to buy up, maintain and check all of the movements that were produced in the 20th century and were part of previous inventories. Thus, all used 2427 movements are original and genuine Slava movements that serve as a new heart for these watches. A second pusher at 2h controls the quick date correction. All Era watches are 10 atm water-proof and the cases are made of 316L stainless steel.
The picture shows model Slava Era Automatic 7020027/300-2427.

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