Expedition North Pole 1

Expedition North Pole 1
"North Pole-1" (russ. Северный Полюс­1) was the first Soviet manned drifting station used for scientific hydrological and geographical research of the polar area. Operations startet on June 6th, 1937 about 20 kilometers from the North Pole. During it's 9 months travel the station drifted 2850 kilometers towards the east coast of Greenland and allowed the researchers to collect valuable data. On February 19th, 1938 the expedition was successfully finished and the researchers were taken onboard a Soviet icebreaker.

The Expedition N1 line is one of the most popular lines within Vostok Europe due to a wide range of models, calibers and straps. Vostok Europe implemented the new Compact line in 2019 with a lighter weight and a 43mm case diameter which was requested by fans and customers from all over the world.

  • Find suitable Vostok Europe Expedition N1 straps here (47 mm case diameter, 24 mm lug width).
  • Find suitable Vostok Europe Expedition N1 Compact straps here (43 mm case diameter, 22 mm lug width).
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