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Vostok Europe
Vostok Europe has an incredible run worldwide since their foundation back in 2004. Although a lot has changed in the world since then nothing has changed with their vision and recipe for producing popular and high quality watches. But how's that?
  • Design: The main objective was always to create watches that are - in a word - stunning. Extraordinary highlights paired with timeless recognizable elements make the designs so striking. Vostok Europe went down the road of setting new and exciting trends that were and still are appreciated by existing and new customers all over the world.
  • Devotion: If you're hoping to find mass fabrication in Far East, the brand might disappoint you. All Vostok Europe watches are assembled, checked for function and prepared for dispatch in manual work within the European Union. It has always been the highest premise for the brand to produce the watches in the head office in Vilnius (Lithuania). Only this way a high quality can be achieved throughout the whole value chain and the name and logo can be applied to the watches with a clear conscience.
  • Processing: The slogan "for going to extremes" is literally describing what the watches are made for. In order to manufacture a watch for any extreme situation you have to engineer more than just a steel case with a strap attached to it. Vostok Europe puts a lot of effort in matching and adjusting single components with each other so you can wear the watches in high altitudes, on the ground and under water. It all starts with small parts like gaskets or screws through movements, cases and straps/bracelets.
  • Story: When developing a new line/design the focus is put on significant technological and scientific achievements of the Soviet Union. If you ask yourself why it's the Soviet Union, then the answer is very simple. The Soviet Union had a huge amount of considerable achievements in history which have characterized the world lastingly. Especially during the Cold War and the "Space Race" Soviet engineers and scientists came up with many innovations just as the Americans did. Vostok Europe acknowledges these achievements by creating watch lines that appreciate them.
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